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Home Machine Needles

                                                                                                  Needle Systems: HAx1 or HAx1SP

Schmetz has been the needle of choice by industry professionals for decades and now Schmetz Chrome

is available for our home machines. Their needles are longer lasting, stay cooler with less distortion,

and offer less resistance while penetrating the fabric.

Longarm Needles

Needle System : GB 134 R

Longarm needles are specifically made for multidirectional use.

These needles have a deeper scarf to ensure 100% stitch formation while sewing in multi-directions at high speeds. 

These high quality performance needles prevent skipped stitches and offer precise stitches. 

Their extra strength allows maximum flexibility and bending.  These needles have reinforced blades and feature more material

on top of the eye for better loop forming. While these are all round shank needles, they are NOT interchangeable.


40w metallic wrapped rayon thread ideal for shimmery embroidery. Extra soft with less abrasion and less kink.

Serger & Coverstitch Needles

                                                                           Needle Systems: HAx1, HAx1SP, ELx705, 130/705H 

                                                    There are a variety of needle systems for serger and overlock machines.  

Please refer to your manual for the needle system your machine requires. 

Industrial Needles

Coming soon