Make it a fabulous quilting day with Glide; it’s our top thread choice for quilting. Experience consistent stitch formation, maintain consistent tension and have less breakage. Your end result will be a high quality brilliant sheen that is gorgeous. It’s also our top choice for embroidery too. We promise you will be obsessed! It’s a great choice for longarm quilting, machine quilting and embroidery projects.

No. 40 Trilobal Polyester Thread | King Spool 5000m / 5500 yd | Mini Spool 1000m / 1100 yd

WHY the obsession?

Consistent, Strong & Lint-Free

Tension is consistent with every spool due the advanced Trilobal Technology. It forms stitches smoothly with a high quality look that allows the quilter to have less interruptions. It’s virtually lint free!

Domestic, Longarm & Embroidery Machines

Glide is perfect for all your domestic, longarm and embroidery machines. No matter what brand of machine you own.

Gorgeous Sheen

The luster of Glide stands out like no other. It’s sheen is stunning due to the special technology within the fibers of the colorfast polyester.